All the Holiday merriment has been packed away and slugged to the attic.
That is, except for those few crafty items that managed to dodge under a bed
or crouch in a drawer. 
Is it only me, or does everyone have a similar pile of Christmas leftovers discovered
 in the post-celebration cleaning, now glaringly festive in the thin January light? I've been sorely tempted to 
open the door and toss them out, somewhere near the dried-up and forlorn tree. But I don't.
OK - there was that one time with a cookie tin, and it was too ugly to keep. 

So now it's time for this - 
Ah! Space for peace and pondering!
I guess the first-grade teacher in me lingers on, because that 
child's chair is my favorite place to sit in the winter. 
Or maybe it's my favorite because it's the very closest to the fire ...?

*** We took our (We Survived) Christmas Get-Away - photos soon to come.

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