Rolling Hills

 The rolling hills of Kentucky, as seen from the walkways of Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill.
We stayed here on our Christmas Get-Away, January 2nd and 3rd. 
 Oh the peace of nearly-deserted museum rooms, reading history until I'm finally satisfied. 
Tours of restored buildings and tales of the long-gone citizens of Shakertown 
from docents and enactors eager to please their only visitors of the day. 
I'm still thinking of it. 
One of the unexpected pleasures of a get-away is the reminiscing. 
"Remember how much fun we had when we went to ____?" 
"Yes! The fireplace ... the balcony ... that Chinese place in town ..."
Fond smiles, clasped hands, sparkling eyes. 
I'll never regret the time, effort and expense it's taken 
 to get away from our daily lives and make memories with each other, 
as husband and wife.

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