The Spooky Eye

More from Shaker Village:

Would you believe that calling this bull would cause it to actually come ambling over? 
Would you WANT this bull with its menacing horns to  come any closer than this?  
 So while my husband called and cajoled, I freaked. 
"Oh. My. Gosh! Don't call it any closer! Watch out for its horns! What if it can 
jump over this wall? What if it can climb over? For Pete's sake - DON'T TOUCH IT!"
I snapped photos of the impending loss of his hand and babbled warnings.
But it wasn't long before I made pals with the big guy ...  
... and his super spooky eye.


Mindy Whipple said...

There is a family not far from us who raise these shaggy beauties. I have to admit I have never come close enough to see their scary eyes! I think I will keep my distance : )

Jenny said...

I guess even a bull can need some friendly scratches from time to time. Poor fellow, he is probably blind in his bad eye.