Pour It On

I always make Valentine cards or notes for my sons even though they're mostly-grown. 
Is that hokey?
It just seems like a perfect chance to express a little mother love, and a great
 opportunity to remind them Who loves them more than anyone else ever could.
This Valentine verse from last year still holds its place on the magnetic board in 
the kitchen. I made it for myself and couldn't throw it away when March came 'round.

"...each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me..." 

That's good stuff there - better than a box of chocolates!  
Where in this world can we get  truly unfailing love -
the unconditional kind that never runs out, never grows cold, never lacks power? 
Only from the Heavenly Father!
And He gives it so lavishly, pouring it out, without any concern for waste.

I think this verse might stay through all of 2015, too ...

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