One-Way Conversations

Someone was trying to send a message. 
The pink scripture stamped on this postcard looks like an after-printing addition. 
Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. -- Romans XII 21 

A word of friendly encouragement for Mr. George C. Hust. 

The sender started to address the card, but stopped for some reason. 
Was she embarrassed to send such a bold, biblical statement, fearing the opinions 
of all who would handle the card as it made its way to Mr. Hust?
Did she hesitate, too faint-hearted to admonish a fellow believer, and shove the card away?
Did the nib of her feathered pen snap, with no replacements in the house? 

There's a story here...


I found this card at a flea market for 50¢, tossed 
among other lovely bits of junk. I'm always sidelined in 
antique stores reading vintage postcards, eavesdropping on 
long-ago, one-way conversations. 
"Florida is lovely, we've eaten fish everyday!"
"Tell Mother I'm doing just fine, a city girl now."
Recently I found this on the back of a photo postcard - 
"What I have against Hitler is the way he deals with young people." That single statement and nothing else.
It's fascinating! If you've missed it before, check out 
the typical box of old postcards in any antique junk store.


Mindy Whipple said...

Oh wow, that recent find is fascinating and part of such a sad part of history. I have a few old postcards and a few old family letters that I treasure. I love "eavesdropping" on the past!

Carman Hammons said...

I love old letters too I also caught up on all the past blogs. Very good