What Rhymes With Nine?

It's my forty-ninth birthday today, and
I'm pondering my slogan for the coming year.

You have birthday slogans, right? A new one every year?

A short motto, preferably rhyming, to launch the 
the next year of life. I'm leaving behind last year's:
Life will be great while I'm forty-eight!

A lot of great things rhyme with "nine" ...  and I'm happy 
to take suggestions.
Side Note:
Heavenly Blue morning glory is twining up the greenhouse downspout.
When the early morning sun lights those blooms - OH! 
There's no choice other than an hour or so of pajama photography

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Jodie Wolfe said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Susan. I see we are only about a year apart. :) I turned 50 in May. Also have two sons. :)