Worth It

Look - there they go! 
My family. 
I love to lag behind and watch them walk ahead of me.

When my boys were little, love for them overwhelmed me sometimes.
Can you identify?

As they've turned into adults, my mostly-grown men have put us through 
some wear and tear. It's the way of transformation - 
bystanders often sustain injuries. 
Can you identify?

But family vacations have magical, healing properties.
The air of  other places  threads between and around each person, 
and silken bonds of shared memories twine among us.
Vacation jokes, navigation mishaps, food indulgences, music choices - 
things we'll talk over, and laugh about, for years to come.

We would certainly have more dollars in the bank if we bypassed these trips.
Every year, we consider this fact.

Right before we begin to make plans to go again. 

* * *

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