Use Your Workbook

Do you mark in your Bible? 
Many years ago, someone taught me that our Bibles are not intended to be 
decorative pieces, merely part of a holier-than-thou tablescape. He said our 
Bibles should be WORKBOOKS. Well, you know every teacher can appreciate 
a good workbook, so that's how I've used mine over the years of my walk with Christ.
So mine is a well-marked workbook, showing where I've struggled and where I've 
found joy. It's easy to locate the verses that have called me back again and again.
Sky verses are special to me, so I mark them in my Bible with 
a very lightly-drawn, completely reverent, puffy cloud. 
Whenever I come across one of these in the 
margin, I know I've met an old friend.

Apparently, King David was also moved by a beautiful stretched canvas of sky - 
Psalm 8:3-4, Psalm 19:1, Psalm 36:5, Psalm 57:11, Psalm 108:4

Side Note:
When I'm writing, it's usually completely quiet in the house. I need the quiet, or my thoughts skitter and scatter like the shyest birds-never to be captured. But lately, I've needed some background music to help me along. This is perfect accompaniment for working, but this song has stayed on my mind, and on my lips, these past few weeks, to remind me of my truest purpose. 

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