Just a Little Pun

I know. 
I'd like to apologize ...

... but I can't pass on sharing a good pun.
Whoever crafted these homemade Halloween decorations got a huge laugh out of me. 
It might have been the best part of the over-priced pumpkin patch.


Pumpkin Patch

Even adults and mostly-adults enjoy a visit to the local pumpkin patch.
I couldn't get anyone else "on board" to ride in a improvised train made of blue barrels.
The train engineer drove like a Halloween fiend!
The hayride guy drove much more slowly, head down, no eye contact.
When I asked him about his day, he said he'd need alot more business to have a good day.
And when I asked about the UPC stickers on all these pumpkins ...
... he kicked a clod and admitted they're Canadian pumpkins.


Swatting the HOWs

HOW ... ?
Do ever find yourself bogged down in  the creative journey
by the nagging question of HOW?
Now, just to be clear, I'm not talking about the classic WHY question. 
Forward motion toward a goal shows that you've that 
you've settled the WHY. 
But just when you're really going for it, that's when HOW rears its ugly head.

HOW will I find time?
HOW will I convince friends and family? 
HOW will I pay the bills?
HOW will I ever be able to finish?
HOW will I create a following?
HOW will I find a buyer?

I don't know if you've experienced this, but I can tell you from first hand experience - 
the HOWs begin to swarm like wasps, and eventually, they kill the creativity. 
D. E. A. D.
This week, my reading in 2 Kings 7 showed me an example of someone else who 
got stuck on how. It didn't work out so well for him. 
Something similar happened to Zechariah in Luke 1.

Consider this advice from D. L. Moody:
"If you would believe, you must crucify the question, 'How?'"

Let's swat away the HOWs, friends, and persevere in the work we are called to do.

-Further pondering verses here.
-Free copy of D. L. Moody's book, Notes From My Bible, here
(see page 58)
-* Photo taken last weekend at a local pumpkin patch. This is a really complimentary portrayal of ironweed,which begins its bloom time right around my birthday and goes to the hardest frost.
-And just for fun, this made me laugh so, so hard...


Mighty Blues

 How could something so small,
 something that lasts only one day,
 be so extravagantly glorious?
* Pondering verses here.

In light of those verses, you might want to 
sing a little bit. Or even alot.  


Maple Keys and Small Beginnings

              I got this photo of red maple keys just as the evening sun lit them on its way to bed. 

It's another perfect reminder of my guiding verse for 2015. 
This verse resonated with me in January, and I knew it was the one for the twelve 
months to follow. Throughout the year, the Spirit has been the ever gracious teacher, reminding me, 
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings..." 

2015 is losing its breath and nearing the finish line, but this verse is still at work in me.