Closing Season

We closed the gardens this weekend, even though there were lots of blooms left to admire.
For the first time, we cleared with a weed whacker instead of by hand.
It was a little shocking to watch the garden fall in such a noisy, violent way ... 
but it sure was efficient! 

After the plant were cut down to about two inches, we raked and spread a layer of compost 
in the open areas. All that topped with a cozy layer of leaf litter and voila'!  
No more gardening until spring.  

I marked a few plants that were new this season, knowing that I will completely forget them 
by spring. A new painted fern transplant, some blue billows cuttings, and a 
hand-me-down peony from my neighbor, split into three sections and named after her.
 The summer chairs are wintering in the shed, the greenhouse is tidy, and the late hydrangea blooms 
have all been gathered. The growing season is over. Now we have plenty of dark hours 
to linger over coffee, light candles, and enjoy the peace of winter. 

I tried to stay focused on the work this weekend, but beauty was everywhere, in the most unlikely places. The cement birdbath in the flowerbed is currently filled with sweetgum and red maple leaves. Once they sink under the rainwater, their bright colors change to dull browns and depressing grays. I was glad to capture this single leaf point still above the murky water, channeling the afternoon sun.

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Mary said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Susan! I love the leaf shot in the bird bath! Very cool!