Old Maid

I found this charming girl among a group of old photos,
letters, and postcards at a summer yardsale.
Hers is the one I kept to mark my place in my favorite commentary.

You know why I kept her photo, don't you?
An engaging smile in the first frame 
and wistful examination of a bouquet in the next.
Wide eyes, clear skin, and a generous bundle of curls.

And yet, the back doesn't record her name. Not even a turn-of-the-century nickname ...
"Dear Fan"  or  "Lovely Pearl".

How could it be that it says -

The other photos were used to personalize a vintage bowling bag. 
Check it out here.

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Mindy Whipple said...

Old photos are so fascinating! I always want to know the story behind them - who the people were, how they lived. I am blessed to have several old photos of several generations of our family and love knowing they are a part of my story. Happy Thanksgiving!