Pigs and Plans

Do you smell something? 
You might be able to catch a whiff of sausage stuffing, 
the fragrance of baked bread, 
or the savory scent of gravy. 
Oh, I didn't cook all those things today, 
but the take-home leftovers are smelling pretty good right now.
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast to the very fullest!

I'm hatching a plan over here ...
a series of blog posts, daily December visits.
 Every year, I search for a devotional to read during this festive, sacred month, the 
very end of our calendar year. I thought this year, it might be worth a try to do my own.
We'll see how it goes. Let me know what you think, or what you'd like to read here.
I plan to include some how-to's, like how to make a no-fuss Christmas memory catcher, 
and how to give a simple, priceless gift of words.  
A recipe or two might find their way into a post.
I'm working on group of shareable scripture photos.
And most importantly, of course, we'll ponder at the edge of the 
manger, and try to catch a fleeting glimpse of the incarnation miracle.


This pig nose brought to you from Redman Farms.

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