A Great Light

"Why do we have lights?" 
It's one of the questions we asked our kids every year. 
"Because Jesus is the Light of the world!" 
They always gave the answer we coached them to repeat. 

But it's so much richer than that. Look at these verses from Matthew:
The people who were sitting (living)in [spiritual] darkness have seen a great Light,
And for those who were sitting (living) in the land and shadow of [spiritual and moral] deathUpon them a Light has dawned.” Amplified Bible

Is someone you love sitting in spiritual darkness? 
Do you have a near-and-dear living in the land of shadow and death? 
Me too, friend. So when I see those beautiful light displays, I'm praying that 
 the Light will dawn in their lives this Christmas.

True Confession Side Note - 
I once ... bumped ... a pedestrian (dressed in black and on the wrong side of the road) because I was too involved in playing the Christmas Light Game.My side of the vehicle was down by quite a bit, accusations of cheating were rising from the ranks in the back seats, and we were late for a kid party which included a much anticipated / dreaded gift exchange. So I'm sure you can see how it happened. 

Don't worry - it all turned out fine. It happened right by the police station, so I pulled in there and ran back to talk to the woman and the bumped man, who was holding his (slightly dinged) elbow. 
I apologized like crazy.
I offered to call an ambulance.
I tried to call the police on myself!
They made a break for it at that point, but I managed to get them to hold hands and pray with me before they scurried into the night.  

By the time I returned to my vehicle, my older boys had convinced each other, and the baby, that I'd be going to jail - they would certainly miss the Christmas party, including the gift exchange. And the snacks. 

They were surprised to go free, and we didn't play the light game again, even a single time, that Christmas. 

* The Christmas Light Game - Two teams divided to match the two sides of the road. Each team gets a point for lit houses which face their side of the vehicle. Houses down side roads or in neighborhoods do not count. I suggest you agree on your version of the rules before you leave the house to avoid ... distractions.

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