Christmas Conversations

As parents, we spend LOTS of time telling our kids what to do and when; we go on and on
 about how things should be, or at least, how we think they should be.

Christmas is a chance to change that a little bit. Instead of telling, do some asking. 
ASK THEM what they think.
 Draw out their opinions, then pose the question WHY? Their answers will surprise you.

First, find a Christmas cup or bowl, grab a holiday box or bag to hold 
the conversation starters.

Write questions on paper slips, fold each, and tuck them in the Christmas Conversations container. 
Or you could call it the  the Christmas Hmmmm Cup, who knows what 
clever name you'll invent.

Every day at a meal time, pull one out, and let the conversation flow. 
You might want to set up rules if you parent some siblings who love to argue: No put-downs. Everyone is allowed to say what they think. This is just for fun.

Here's a list of question ideas to get you started.
Why do you think God led wise men to Jesus with a star?
What do you think the star looked like? Could everyone see it?
What do you think the gifts of the wise men really meant?
Was the innkeeper a hero or a villain? Under the same circumstances, what would you have done?
What do you think the shepherds thought when the angels began to sing?
The shepherds made haste to Bethlehem. Do you think they left anyone behind with the sheep?
What do you think the sheep did when the angel proclaimed the Good News? Did they bleat? Lie down? Run around?
A Christmas hymn says about Baby Jesus, "... no crying he makes." Do you think this was true?
What are swaddling clothes? Do people use swaddling cloths today?
Why do you think Baby Jesus was laid in a manger?
What do you think the place where Jesus was born actually looked like?
What is a like to be in a barn /stable? What does it look like, smell like, feel like?
At Christmas time, why do people use lights to decorate?
Why do you think we use an evergreen tree at Christmas time instead of any other kind of tree?
What if there were no presents under the tree on Christmas morning - what would you do?
If you could give ANY Christmas gift, with unlimited budget, what would you give?
If you could get rid of any Christmas tradition, what would it be and why?

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