Get a Bucket

I'm not sure we'll have any of this in 2016. 
The rain is pouring, drenching the ground and creating standing pools of water in our backyard.
Years ago we learned to be grateful to live on top of a tall Kentucky ridge-- 
so we don't worry about flash floods, at least not in our immediate area.
But there is a flood of another sort slowly building in our basement. 

* I got a call this evening, the kind that chills the blood and makes a heart flop in place for at least a single minute. "Mom, I had an accident..." 
One of my guys had an accident in a busy intersection, at high traffic time, in heavy rain. Even strong young men can get sobby when they've been spun into a ditch or knocked into the wrong lane of traffic. 
And my third son is just beginning his driving experiences - YEESH.

** Today an old friend responded this way when asked, "What are you doing?" 
"I'm sitting here in the dark." 
She's in an assisted living facility now and is mostly blind. 
Light of the World, shine on my friend, your daughter, and illuminate her darkness. Fill it with 
Yourself and show her more beautiful sights in her inner man than she's ever seen with her 
outer man, as it decays day-by-day. Give her an understanding of why she's still here 
and not there with You, and give her the strength to fan the flames of Your gifts.

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