Just Pick One

I've seen lots of buzz lately about cutting back and paring down.

 I watched 1.5 episodes of "Tiny House, Big Living." 
What the heck?
I HAVE a tiny house, but the show made me feel like I live in a castle. 

One of my writing mentors is excited about the book Essentialism
subtitled, "the disciplined pursuit of less". 
(There's a quiz at the link.)

And there was a whole THING about owning only nine (?) pieces of clothing, 
mixing and matching those hopefully coordinating pieces as an entire wardrobe.

The prevailing thought is that having less eliminates 
wasted thought, effort, and general life angst.

I may have more than nine pieces of clothing, but
this is something I've been able to apply to Christmas baking. 

In years past, I got out a stack of recipe cards and made a great variety of holiday essentials. 
Endless platters, boxes, and plastic containers of cookies, bars, and candies.

Now I pick one recipe for the season. 
No need for extensive lists of ingredients at the grocery. Limiting myself to 
one special recipe reduces cost, calorie consumption, and preparation time,
 leaving more space to focus on  Christmas truth

This year, I'm making Ree Drummond's dark and decadent Chocolate Cream Pie, with my own variations, of course.
You can find the recipe with her fabulous photo directions here.

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