Much More to Come

I have a jar of paperwhites brewing in my windowsill right now. 

So far, shiny brown bulb paper is their most attractive feature.
But look there -- 
the tiniest green leaf-tongue protrudes from each, a whispered promise of more to come.
Much more to come.

The above is a photo of paperwhites from last year, or maybe the year before that.
The added quote is something I'm trying hard to grasp in 2016.
While I tend to cram my empty places full of other things, 
Jesus gently reminds me that He is the only One who can satisfy. 

And there's much more to come... 
much more.


Cynthia Howerter said...

Love this article and the picture of the cheery paperwhites, Susan!

Susan Simpson said...

Thanks, Cynthia! I'm sure you've grown paperwhites, too. :0)

D'Saki said...

So true, only Jesus can fill our empty spaces.

Susan Simpson said...

Well said, D'Saki! Thanks for visiting and joining in the conversation,