Arms draped with plastic-bagged groceries, I was almost to the front door when I saw it: 
Spring green moss growing right next to a pile of snow.
Are you kidding me? 
I dropped the bags and took phone photos.
I'm glad the neighbors weren't out to see me on the down-low, 
hovering over tiny patches of green. 
That's February in Kentucky! 
We're perched right on the edge of spring, with one foot buried in a snow bank 
and the other stretched toward a soft patch of new grass. 

It must be time to start some seeds ...


Cynthia Howerter said...

Susan, why do I think your neighbors wouldn't have been surprised? LOL. This is precious, friend.

Glenda Mills said...

Susan, you're a girl after my own heart. I love your photography and connecting thoughts. Pulls me right into your world.

Susan Simpson said...

Cynthia, You're right - they wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Susan Simpson said...

Thanks, Glenda, for those kind words!

Lucas Tindell said...

I don't know much about planting seeds in the ground but I know about planting in the Kingdom of God. It sounds like you do both.

God Bless

Susan Simpson said...

Good to have you visit here, Lucas!