Look! It's my birthday ... weed. 
Let's face facts - not much is blooming in mid-August, 
except ironweed.  
Just before my birthday and just before school started, 
we took a desperate-to-hold-on-to-summer outing to Lake Cumberland. 
The boats were all rented when we arrived, so 
we took in the sights at the fish hatchery
where only a certain sort of person is admitted.
(But I got in anyway!)
The next day, we rented  the tiniest, fastest  little pontoon available; the weather 
was perfect for boating, floating, and sky-gawking. 
Not so much for fishing ... 
Is it wrong to pray fervently for fish to bite?

Look at my handsome husband out there, waiting for me with a float built for two.
He thinks I'm still able to dive in with hardly a splash
Such a funny guy! 


Glenda Mills said...

Those little getaways with the love of our lives are so very
special and so important.
Happy Birthday, Susan. You can't fool me, you're no weed.
You're the Lord's Rose of Sharon!
Blessings to you today.

Mindy Whipple said...

Glad you are soaking up the last bits of summer!