Letter Treasures

I visited with a dear friend recently, chicken soup in hand. 
She had a health crisis behind her, if only a few days behind.
Miraculously—and I don't use the word lightly—her cancer was found at such an early stage 
that radical surgery was enough to take care of the entire problem. 
The cancer's progress wasn't determined until the operation was underway, so my friend 
went into the operating room not knowing what the news would be when she awoke.
In preparation, she organized her desk, stocked her pantry, and ...

... wrote letters.

She penned letters to her children who, though married adults, found themselves at loose ends 
to witness their healthy-as-a-horse mother in a state of emergency. I imagine those missives
 must have been line upon line of fierce mother-love and faith-filled 
confidence in the grownups her babies had become. 

And a letter for her husband—not one telling him what to do if she died, 
never that. Instead, I'm sure it was filled with fond recollections of a youthful romance, 
assurances of lasting love, and reminders of future dreams yet unrealized.

Ever since I read Letters from Dad, the urging to write a yearly letter to each of my own 
family has been ever-present. I even found the (above) retro envelopes for the letters.
Although writing is my work, these messages have stumped me for several 
years now. But my friend's brave actions have inspired me again. 

Do you have a treasured letter from someone important to you? 
I'd love to hear about that.


Glenda Mills said...

What a sweet post Susan!
And yes, just today I found a 4 page handwritten essay my daughter Hanna wrote for an english class in school
several years ago. I was searching for something else when I found the letter, entitled, "My Grandma".
You can probably well understand that I cried as I re-read the essay. Her description of who I am was both humbling and challenging. Humbling in that her love looks beyond my flaws, and sees only the good. Challenging in that I have a lot to continue to live up to for the time the Lord keeps me on this side of heaven.
Thanks for sharing post. You are a blessing!

Susan Holt Simpson said...

What a treasure from your daughter, Glenda! You're blessed, indeed.

Jill said...

I was just thinking the other day that I need to start writing letters to my children. Good reminder for me.