Summertime Illumination

Summer Study happens in my backyard on Wednesday mornings ... early. 
Just in time to light these petunias with the first golden rays of the day.

As if Night Sky Petunias aren't lovely enough! 
I plan to grow them from seed next spring. 
You might want to as well—so here's where to buy the supplies.

Colossians 3 has been meaty enough to last us all summer long, especially 
with the massive commentary we're using. Do you use a commentary? 
This one illuminates the scriptures just like the sun enhances these petunias. 

Every sincere seeker is awed. 


dtarks said...

What beautiful flowers I have never seen before! I can imagine how lovely your garden is in the summer!

I am studying 2 Timothy using Beth Moore's study guide. It is rich to realize that not only have I entrusted my soul to Jesus, but He has also entrusted gifts to me to share the glorious gospel with others. Timothy's and Paul's relationship is sweet and an interesting study.

Terry said...

Those are absolutely lovely! Wish I could grow petunias, but I live in the land of the monster slugs and these just make them ravenous.

Susan Holt Simpson said...

Ravenous monster slugs - Terry, that sounds awful! Don't plant a single thing that attracts those!

Susan Holt Simpson said...

I'll be adding 2 Timothy to my reading list for this summer, Donna.

Jenny said...

I was very tempted to buy some of those petunias at the garden center this spring. Very striking. The lady in front of me at the cash did buy some and she looked very pleased :)
I have been trying to read the Scriptures as a letter from God to me. Sometimes current Bible studies are heavily influenced by pop psychology which is sad as only the truth sets us free. I use commentaries less than I used to but I do hear sermons which are commentaries, too.

Unknown said...

I love just the kiss of sun on the petunias in your shot. Nice!

Cynthia Howerter said...

Lovely. Wish I could join you.

Susan Holt Simpson said...

Cynthia, you would be so welcome! :0)