The Heaps

I try to keep the heaps at bay.
Heaps of what? 
You know—heaps of STUFF.
Mail, socks, hairpins, 
books, pillows, paperclips, 
lists, receipts, more books,
laundry, bubble wrap, dishes.
It's what piles up around here, probably like it does at your house.

But I don't mind controlled heaps of stuff. 
This collection of  important stuff is contained an old fruit basket on my desk. 
The white china bird with the broken-and-glued-back tail feels like a friend, 
and the photos of me and my sweetie laughing helps me prioritize. 

How do you tame your heaps of stuff?

( Further study on controlling clutter here. )

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Stuff! I can get pretty ruthless about throwing stuff out. When my kids were young I used to sometimes say that anything left in the main part of the house that didn't belong there would be thrown out in half an hour. They knew I was serious and cleaned up pronto! I need to be mindful that others in my family have more attachments to things and let them collect their treasures, though. Why does stuff bother me? Because it takes time to keep it clean and orderly and I'd rather be doing other things.