Bird Freak

The one Bird Freak in the parrot section of the bird house at the zoo. All the other parrots were sitting sedately on their branches. This guy was performing a circus act! He'd climb up, flip himself over, and while hanging with his mouth full of branch, call out to us -
"See that? Did ya see that?!?!"
At least that's what it sounded like he was saying. I'm sure I saw the other birds rolling their beady eyes. Of course they were jealous...


Rabbit Calling Card

Notice the nice, full lily fans in the half top of the photo....
...and these raggedy, bitten off ones near the bottom?
The rabbits have left this, their first calling card, letting me know that I'm on their hit list again this year.
As my men would say, "Game On."


Purple Surprise

These were planted waaayyyy back in the early garden days. Too far back to remember their name, even though I did try and try! They come back in greater numbers every year in the earliest spring - and always surprise me with their cheerful color at the very beginning of the growing season. The newest blooms are a very dark purple, fading daily to lighter and lighter shades. Sweet.


Summer Snow

Yesterday I got to rest in the thick, green grass with my Wonderful Husband,
both of us sweaty from yardwork, and watch the apple blossom petals blowing through the air in the gentle breeze.
It looked like a summer snowfall.


Proud as a Peacock

"Proud as a Peacock"
(Photo taken at Cincinnati Zoo - school outing)
Pride is not a good thing. The more my eyes are opened to pride, the more it's everywhere. Like dust bunnies in the corners, it just multiplies. It almost seems that the Lord is allowing me to get beaten over the head, bumped in the rear and generally stepped on - and know that most of the source of the resulting pain is pride. But it's not just out there --- it's in here, too. He's using the bumps to cause me to look inward and see where I've been sinfully proud, too.
And painfully bumped others.

But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."
James 4:6

(Clip called 'Humble vs. Humble' - or listen to the whole sermon: "Humble Christians")


Use Longer Stakes

It didn't work.
Looks like the stakes heaved in the winter, along with the ground. When I went out to check for my New Nikko Babies --- there weren't any. :0(

I re-staked them and hope for some summer babies, but I'll use longer stakes this fall!


Daffodil Romance

How romantic is this?
Someone planted a huge swatch of daffodils in their field. I always slow down to gape at this magnificent display of beauty when it has its first day of bloom. Granddaughter of a farmer that I am, I know that planting a field of daffodils would not be considered a good use of sweat, daylight, or fertile ground. Even using farm equipment to clear the top layer of soil (and to put it back), just positioning that many bulbs on the ground would take most of the day! Such dedication to a short-lived display of Spring Beauty is rare, I think, and I'd love to meet the one who did it!

(Poor photo courtesy of my exasperated son's camera phone. "You want to take a picture of that while we're stopped in the middle of the road???" He's a driver now, so he's acutely aware that I drive like an idiot --- but that's another blog post.)


Easter Blessings

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!
In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope
through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead..."
1 Peter 1:3

Free vintage images from "The Graphics Fairy"

Sans Photos

It's a sad, sad thing. No photos to share, even though my camera is jam-packed with blog photos/ideas. It is very distressing to see the big 'O' on the hard drive display for available memory. I took My Wonderful Husband on an in-camera tour of the most recent photos, so he might be more motivated to buy additional memory hardware. But since that seems to be taking some time (ahem), I'll be needing to share words without photos. Sans photos - great word. So. Some random thoughts, including words - sans photos:

- My house smells like sweet potato casserole and broccoli. (imagine photo of beautiful, fresh and green broccoli)
- I've broken tradition and gotten all the baskets out and let the boys pick which one they want loaded for this year's Easter haul. (insert photo of lovely dyed eggs and various candies)
- Have been listening to Mark Driscoll's sermons on the Gospel of John and focusing on the last few chapters to try to get my head and heart around the account of Jesus' death and resurrection. I'm going to try to get all my boys to listen to this one sermon from John 18.
- I'll be smelling the first cut grass of the green season in only a few moments! (photo of freshly cut grass spewing out of mower)
- I lined an old silver candy stand with moss and put some of my altered eggs in it. (wishing to insert photo here) Best tool to gather growing moss: a Pampered Chef mini serving spatula.
- How have three --- THREE --- bags of Reese's miniature eggs disappeared well before time to fill the baskets? ???
- FYI - six gummi worms will fit into one mid-sized plastic egg. (pic: gummi worms sticking out of egg - lovely translucent colors in this imaginary photo)