We still use these cheap, plastic manger pieces that Dear Husband and I bought when the kids started arriving. They're sturdy to have survived almost eighteen years and three rough boys! Each piece still has all its parts, except one unfortunate three-legged sheep.

Starting on December 9, one piece goes out each day, until finally, the Savior arrives on Christmas Day. I enjoy watching the way each piece is positioned, as appropriate in the mind of whoever happened to put it out there, and how it gets rearranged to suit the fancy of the latest visitor to our little creche.


Bee said...

I love your creche. I think those are the best kind of decorations, especially when there's something like a three-legged sheep incident to tell another story.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Leanne said...

I've learned not to fuss when the kids play with the "manger stuff" as they call it....

I just think it's a memory of the season for them, and I like it, even if Christmas is not my favorite season.

There. I said it. And after 17 Christmases, I finally realized this year that I don't really adore Christmas! But I want my kids to and we go all out so that their memories are always special.

I simply loved your "Snow Gifts" post. It was creative and eloquent and exactly what I was thinking as I looked at each picture. Beautiful. Contemplative. Peaceful. Clean.

Take Care!!!