Red, Green ... WHITE?

I thought the snow had said "Goodbye".
I was wrong about that.
Nothing new there! ;0)

I'm the one who goes around the house, opening curtains and shades to let the morning come in. Sometimes it slides in quietly, tiptoeing sideways, cloaked in blue. Other times it rushes in with a blaze of sunshine - I like those mornings. On this past Sunday, morning jumped through the glass and gave me a wet willy!

Are you kidding me? Really?? SNOW???
I know the weatherman said we were going to get snow, I just thought it was a big, fat lie!
But, standing in my bedroom and staring out at it...
Isn't it beautiful? I certainly have never seen hot, red tulips laced and laden with snow!

So, wrecking the fragile Sunday morning schedule, I snuck off to get the camera.
(Is your Sunday a.m. schedule as fragile as ours? Like a butterfly's wing, I tell you! )
With no one to scold, everyone still snoring away under their cozy blankets, these photos were snapped - just for the record!


krissy said...

a butterfly wing sounds is too quiet to describe Sunday mornings. :-) Something more like shatter glass.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hope you warm up soon!