Screaming on Sunday

Sunday morning.
Taking the towel off my hair, turning on the light...

FYI - don't try to use a bottle of mousse to smash a spider this size.
You'll only break its leg.
Also, big spiders won't wash down the drain.

I have to add on that I've also found a spider in the washer this week. Hovering just at the top of the agitator, breathing heavily after surviving a normal wash at warm/cold temperature. FYI2 - don't try to use a box of dryer sheets to smash a spider in the washer. You'll only have to wash the clothes again - this time at extra heavy agitation, hot/hot water with an extra HOT rinse --- even if it happens to be a load of darks. I think it DID wash down the drain this time...

Is this spider abundance an insect conspiracy - an attack against me personally, the Spider Fearer? Can they smell fear? Or might these extra spidery visits in my home be due to SPRAYING AGAINST SPIDERS IN THE FALL SO THERE WOULD BE LESS OF THEM THIS SPRING? Did we pick up the wrong product at Lowes?
Spider Attractant, maybe??? Hmmmmmmmm

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