All the Way to the Top

Remember my post on Gardening Faith

The vines made it all the way to the top of the tepee!  Yipee!
This is a little bit of a cheat, though. The seedlings in the Faith post were for Heavenly Blue morning glories. If you're a vine fanatic like me, though, you'll be able to tell from the photo that these are not blues. See how fuzzy the vine and leaves are - blues are smooth, not fuzzy.  These are just sad ol' Star of Yelta volunteers trying to take over the gourd tepee. And they're doing it, but my heart is made lighter when some vine makes it all the way up to curl under the clay pot and sprout out the top!
(The HB vine from Faith is inching its way to its own clay tepee topper, but has had a hard season. If only someone would water it! I'm hoping for some BLUE blooms to enjoy soon!)

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