December 26th

Today was pajama day.  
All Day Long
I loved it - my first true day off in weeks.

In my heart, though, today was a due date. 

You know, I don't remember the due dates of my boys. I think I almost hit the actual due date for My Oldest. Maybe I missed it by one day? The others, I know I missed, since none of  those man-babies seemed to want to leave the cozy womb, staying inside long enough to make me groan in anticipation, 
and a little bit of misery.

But I think due dates get erased, or at least smudged,  from memory when the actual, joy-filled,  birth-date occurs. When no birth-day comes, the due date remains, representing all that was hoped for, all that was dreamed. 

So every December 26th, I nod to myself, remembering, and again agreeing with Him that all is well. 
I find myself willing those dreams into the safety of His hand once again, knowing that there is a future, and a hope, 
because He promised. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I'm sure your baby prays for you constantly in heaven. I've had four, and since I have mostly boys, I always hoped they were girls :)

marie said...

This is such a dear post...what would we do without that certain hope He's promised us.

marie said...

P.S. So glad you got a pajama day today!!