Facial Issues

OK - I admit that I make faces. I think in recent  years, I've gained some control over my Grocery Shopping Faces.  
Still, I slip sometimes. Recently about the price of a dozen eggs at Easter. 
(scornful lip curling, 'pfpfpft', backward jerk of the head) 
There was that amazing find on lunchmeat at Meijer - really nice sliced roast 
beef for $1.99 a pound. 
(Open mouthed smile, all teeth showing, slight leaping skip - yes, I was embarrassed about that one, too.) 
ANYway, I'm getting better at controlling my outward expressions. 
or believed I was until this post began
However, I'm learning that I have other problems to conquer. 
I just discovered that I have an Ironing Frown
(jaw slightly to one side, biting lower lip, one eye twitching) 
This might have something to do with a BoyMan trying to explain to me -
(as if frightened at the woeful inadequacy my 21st century knowledge about shirts)
"that's the style of the shirt"
Lovely Girl Date - you're welcome - the shirt got ironed.
(HUGE eye roll, shaking head, lips pursed to one side)
this is getting worse and worse
This admission comes hot on the heels of realizing just yesterday morning that there also seems to be a Weeding Squint.
(eye squint, mouth hanging open - my goodness, poor practices for gardening, right?) 
Much of the time, that's due to expecting something with scales to pop out from the winter piles of dead leaves. I think this makes a squinty grimace somewhat justified. I mean just think of what could flop out from under the lavender bush. 
(stretched out and flat bottom lip, only lower teeth showing, eye roll heavenward)
I've been pointing out for years that My Wonderful Man has a 
Pumping Gas Scowl.
(head slightly bowed, eyes partially closed as in pain, substantial brows drawn to a uni-brow-ish touch)
Of course, it's deeper now that gas is $4 a gallon - hard not to scowl about that. But he does deny it.  Here in the latter half of our 40's, I think we need to face the truth about our facial issues. 
And I am his Helper Wife. 
(hard wink with grin and one thumb up)
it is hopeless

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the mama said...

I am so happy that you see it's hopeless. Please...may it never change!