Blue Bird, Old Lady and One Bad Boy

The birds were looking a little confused for a while this spring, 
as were we all, but they seem confident now.
Aren't bluebirds the most lovely of the spring birds? Blue as blue sky, on a bird flying around the backyard - amazing!
If faced with being a bird someday (!), 
I certainly plan to ask for a spot as any bird with blue feathers
When we moved here, seventeen years ago, there seemed to be lots of bluebirds around. Then they must've moved on to better gardens since we didn't see them anymore.
(or maybe they were frightened away by Insane Spidey or some other miniature  superhero) 
 This bluebird is seeing and being seen out in our side yard. When I get on the treadmill in the morning, there he is, bopping through the trees, scratching around in the garden or hanging out in the red maple. Last week, I decided to try to get a photo of him, but he was a little far away, so I gave up after about a thousand frustrating shots. Later, I almost killed myself falling off the treadmill to snap this shot when he landed just outside the window on the fence, very close by. 
Glad the boys weren't there to see the gymnastic humor in that smooth move.
 When I saw this bad boy, (below) I nearly did the splits trying to get turned around and run to the next room to get the camera before he stopped hammering at my stump.
sock feet + hardwood floors = involuntary slapstick humor
My body didn't do the splits because it is a complete impossibility. But it would've been knee-slapping hilarious for the guys if they had caught a glimpse of me running in circles, arms in the air, trying to not frighten the bird, looking frantically for WHERE I last left the dang camera.
Don't feel sorry for them - they get plenty of laughs at my expense. The show is free and I'm here for another ... thirty years? 

Which reminds me of the tiny, old, old lady at the softball game last night. 
"Don't worry Christopher!  That was a good try!  You tried to hit that ball!"
I'm sure Christopher was pleased that her voice carried over the entire ballfield (and two playgrounds), as clear and high as a bell, complimenting his courage in striking out. She wore a granny hat, sat in an old-fashioned strap chair and cheered her team on. And as soon as she started cheering, they started winning. She drove past us in the parking lot - two flags waving from her back windows. A generous winner, she waved so happily to us as she negotiated the turn. 
Not just a hand in the air wave. 
Certainly not a finger or two lifted from the steering wheel. 
She gave us a whole arm in the air, a waving from the deck of a ship wave, even though we were less than fifteen feet away.  
I LOVED her!
 Doves are so considerate, though. 
And blonde. I think doves are the blondes of the bird world. 
I don't ever have to run for the camera because doves leave the nicest impressions behind. 
 Then they just fly away! Can't see how they would still be able, after leaving a print like this one, but still, they do!
It's a little eerie, isn't it. I should probably clean that window soon...
Just want to point out that those peonies and those poppies should NOT be blooming at the same time. Or yet. Neither should be blooming yet.
But should is such a big word.


Meghan said...

i love those birds you're seeing out your window. we have some amazing birds in our neighborhood. people come from all over to go "birding." may is my favorite month just for that reason.

Abby said...

Oh wow! I'm loving that wing print! I've never seen anything like that, honestly. Happy Mother's Day!

the mama said...

I've never seen anything like that print! Crazy!