"Watch What Happens"

Mini Golf 
Do I want to play? NO
Do I play?  yes
And isn't that what family vacations are all about?
I told the guys that I do have the ability to win if I WANT to,
but that I'm a non-competitive person.
So I never win but probably have the most fun.
And isn't that what family vacations are all about??
This is a true reflection on myself, I believe, 
but depending on who you ask, there will be mixed reviews.
about being non-competive, not about having the ability to win at mini golf
We were on our way out of the TN part of our vacation and happily on the way to KY,
so we decided to leave Davy Crockett mini golf behind. 
There's a nice little course behind the General Store in the park at Lake Cumberland, and it costs AHEAP less than the course in Gatlinburg. 
And by day 3 of the vacation, it was starting to matter more (and more and more...)
So we paid $4 each to play on a course that SOMEbody forgot to clean. 
After having to ask to use this ...
 ... we ended up playing for free.
(And I only asked for a discount!)

 Forty-nine seconds of  Putt-Odyssey
Just some FYI:
"OK, seven!" - seven is the stroke limit. You just can keep putting and putting and putting...
"Watch what happens." - Second Son, who is very competitive, is traumatized by his dad who has already putted FIVE holes-in-one.
"You sailed right over top of it!" - I am secretly delighted that his ball went right OVER the hole. Even though I am the NON-competitive one...
"Wow" - we were all pretty traumatized. 
As in all fun games, there was a prize.
Everyone had to chip in one dollar and the winner got to spend the pot on whatever from the store. I had my eye on a mood ring for $4.99, or a turtle charm $2.99 / super jawbreaker $1.99 combo.
Husband, the Putter Supreme Father, won and bought a box of frozen Heath bars for everyone to share. 
And isn't that what family vacations are all about???


Meghan said...

i would have picked the mood ring for sure. or maybe a bag of those polished rocks...

have a great holiday!

Kate said...

Ohh that is so me! Could care the least about winning and having the most fun!

Christine Bryant said...

Never woulda thought of everyone pitching in a buck for the winner's prize...that's such a cool idea!!...I'm so STEALING it. =) Thanks for the reminder that sometime it doesn't matter what it is you do or go but that the main thing is that you're with your family, having fun and enjoying each other while doing it...Next time you BETTER win so you can get the mood ring. =)

Kelli Becton said...

sounds like a fun family time! we love mini golf around here - with 3 boys- it's just one of those things they love to do.