Smile and Nod

OK, so this was not actually my pick when we went out to the local specialty garden store. 
Husband decided it was really cool, and so it made the cart-cut. 
I've seen these cover HUGE trellises, so I was in favor, too. 
A generous garden-lady in southern KY shared seeds with me once - seeds that did their disappearing act from a 'safe' place in the luggage. 
It seemed a little wasteful to buy a plant that must be so easy to grow from seed, 
but when Hubs is throwing around dollars at the garden store, I just smile and nod
Even after a few drought months, it's still doing pretty well out near the carport. It's dropped a bunch of seeds and the seedlings are already coming up to renew the shabby-ish bottom of the vine. 
How considerate!

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marie said...

My daughter has this growing at her house....it's growing everywhere that she doesn't want it to grow! :)
I think I need to go dig some of it up for my house. It looks really pretty in your photo.