Tis The Season

It's Spider Season.
And the spiders are attacking. 
One almost as big as a mouse thumped around in here the other day. 
That's AFTER My Wonderful Husband sprayed Ortho Home Defense Max.
It may say KEEPS BUGS OUT on the tag, but what it should really say is, 
"Will cause every spider in the near vicinity to parade across your living room floor."
It's like the Go For It Spider Attractant.

That's my product review, unpaid for, unsolicited, and I'm not taking it back!


marie said...


Just crossed Ortho Home Defense Max off my list!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, we have huge spiders, too!! Those big, brown, hair wood spiders :( And we use the Home Defense, too, like gallons of it each year, yuck!