Dahlia Devotion

Hydrangeas  are my Garden True Love.
But I've almost lost my heart to something else -  DAHLIAS
Oh. My. Word.
The crazy luxuriousness of this fistful of blooms! 
And the name woos me, too - Galileo's Compass.
I'm going to dig the tubers up before they freeze and have them again next year.
I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am
Maybe I can convince myself to actually save a plant from the freeze - one that requires digging up!
Never have managed it before, though.
Oh, I can yank geraniums out of their pots, beat their bottoms on the ground to get the dirt off and ram them in a paper bag for over wintering, 
but to get out there with shovel, hose and knife???
I find I don't have much heart for that sort of thing here at the end of October. 

Watched this short video and learned exactly what to do. 
Looks like I can get MORE of this plant for free by dividing!
And FREE is my favorite, so maybe I actually will do it...

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Amanda said...

What a beautiful photo!! I love Dahlias, too, and I had no idea you could save them for the next year. That is just awesome!! I have so much to learn :) Thanks for sharing, have a great day!!