Hey, Hey, Hey ...

The furnace is on for the first time this season.
It's going to frost soon.
The end is near for all the spiders that dotted the landscape of my summer. 
 California Trapdoor Spider (shudder) found creeping around the foundation of our lake cabin in southern Kentucky.  It met an untimely death inside these plastic bags when bees drilled through and ate him.
I can't say that I was sorry, since I overheard one teenager say to another, 
"We'll take that home and keep it in a tank - great pet!"
This garden spider set up shop among the stems of the Yellowstone daylily in the patio garden.
Even I have to admit that it has a certain ... horrific beauty. Maybe?
If you enlarge the photo, you'll be able to see it even more clearly. It seems to have a hair-do.
I decided to nickname it Barbara, at the risk of cutifying a terror-inducing spider.
And since I really enjoy the show, I let Barbara live to the end of her natural life.

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marie said...

I'm going to have to start opening up your blog with my hands covering my face. Spiders = yuck!