Hand Holding

When we go out to a Christmas Event, we don't have to hold their hands anymore.
There are no visits to a freezing zoo bathroom to mop up a loaded diaper. 
No one has a snot-slinging meltdown in anticipation of the zebra being 
ridden by another kid in the carousel line.
Negotiations are not held over division of cold chicken strips and french fries.
We hold each other's hand while they look over our shoulders.
Or they hold the hand of a Special Friend.
OK, I still slip into denial sometimes - that's what I called them for a long time.
Our two older sons have GirlFriends, whose hands they'd much rather clasp than ours.
We are thankful that the young ladies they've chosen to spend time with are Godly Girls
who seem to be growing in grace and truth. And while it is proving to be an adjustment for 
our Youngest, who is clinging to the ways of Christmases Past, we are always glad to 
have them join us for Holiday Fun and Games.

*Please consider all the extra capital letters in this post a tiny gift to you from me! *

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