Peeker Plan

So we were on  our way home from a last day of spring break trip to the movies. 

Jack the Giant Slayer. Great! Could we agree that within the genre of  fairy tale, the hokey
 is completely acceptable, and things  do not need to add up perfectly.
This is a relaxing quality, I think. 

A discussion began regarding theater bathroom stalls and just why are they so very small.  
Our conversation meandered from there onto some thin ice. 

Just what is the plan to deal with Theater Potty Peekers? 

No one in the vehicle had ever had to deal with an actual potty peeker, but I cautioned 
that  it might be wise to have a plan in place for such situations. 

For example - the accidental driving-off-a-bridge-over-water exit strategy. I hope you have yours nailed down. I'm a firm believer in leaving the vehicle BEFORE hitting any water. But a lot of talk went around the car about the advantages of exiting AFTER hitting the water, falling debris, water pressure, electronic reliability of window switches, and MythBusters. blahblahblahblah. Any scenario that involves drifting to the bottom of a river and waiting for the water to reach the roof inside the car while breathing calmly only proves that the right plan involves some serious air time. The men agreed to various plans which involve grabbing my belt and dragging me to safety. Heroic!

Back to the Peeker Plan. 
In the case of an Under Peeker - it's just common sense. 
But have you considered what you plan to do if you ever encounter an Over Peeker? Not many options for us ladies, right? You're already in a compromising position in which it is difficult to be any threat at all. Unless you would be able to potty while keeping a pepper spray in hand. Someone in the car pointed out how extremely paranoid that would actually be.

Of course, I laughed and agreed, but I'm secretly relieved to have my plan for Under and Over Peekers now firmly in place. EXTREME SCREAMING - that's the go-to plan for  defeating Over Peekers.  
Unless you happen to have your pepper spray handy. 
Or if you're a guy.

I did spare you from the Guy Plan For Dealing With Over Peekers ... 

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