It's a good day to talk about fountains.
After lots of 90º days, we've had a nice rainy day.
Soaking, straight-down showers have made me feel comfortably drenched.
And I don't have to drag a hose around to the gardens!

While we were in St. Augustine, we visited Flagler College.
How awesome would it be to snag a college education in St. Aug?
We almost made the tour, but were distracted by cupcake happy hour, happening 
right down the street. Our priorities are certainly in good order - we missed the tour.

But just inside the gates, there's a really impressive fountain
At least my husband found it to be really impressive. 
It stopped him in his tracks - "Wow!
He circled it, exclaiming, and finally asked for the camera. 
Keep in mind, he NEVER asks for the camera.

I admit that the frogs were interesting, each one  with a differently formed mouth and stance.
But beyond that ... ?
I guess it's true - ART, like BEAUTY, must be in the eye of the beholder.

I'd rather see spitting faces!

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