My zinnias didn't do so well this year.
Seems it's better to scatter the seed than to transplant seedlings.
Even if the birds clean up a lot of the seeds after 
I go back to the house.
But there are a few blooming plants out there in the zinnia bed. 
Not a riot, as in past years - more like a quiet get together.
 I've got some of these beauties, though!
Last night, as all my guys hit apples*, I deadheaded the plants I have, 
reminding myself that the old has to be pulled away to make room for the new.
And that the removal of the spent flower heads causes the plant to 
produce even more blooms than it would if they were allowed to remain.

The Lord is so good as He uses His natural things to speak wisdom to my heart.
I never feel alone in the garden - it seems like He walks along, pointing and teaching,
if only I can still my chattering soul long enough to listen. 
"Incline your ear ..." the scriptures say, and when I do, He meets me there.

Old things are being pulled away in our lives right now. 
Fifteen years of homeschooling is now a thing of the past and My Youngest 
will be launching into the local high school tomorrow morning. 
On Friday, our Middle Son will be moving into 
a dorm and beginning his college career at a nearby university.
Change is the name of the game over here, and how good the Lord is
to remind me of the appropriateness of it all. The necessity of it. The promise in it.
And the safety and peace He offers in its midst.

*Our apple 'orchard' is wildly out of control and has been for years.
The apples produced are tiny and misshapen - fine for the critters who enjoy them.
And perfect for some casual batting practice! 
All our guys happened to be home last night and after dinner, they ended up 
pitching and hitting apples. I loved having them all out in the yard 'to play' again!

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