Zoo Window

This tiny bird feeder is at the upper corner of the kitchen window looking out into the backyard.
We get an up-close view of any birds that visit - mostly tufted titmice and chickadees.
When this ginormous spider took up residence, I didn't mind. 
As long as they're OUTside and never  INside, that's cool with me.
My Youngest, who hates spiders as much as I do, insisted on going out with a broom
take care of the problem. He was horrified when I asked him to leave it. 
 Heck, it's like a zoo display right at my kitchen window! Every night it spins the most amazing huge web, then retreats to its hidey spot at dawn, just as we're getting breakfast and rushing out the door.

Did anyone notice the unsuspecting prey hanging out in a very dangerous spot?

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