Outdoor Play

Staring out at the bird feeder --- 
It's like watching characters in a play.
Over the weekend, THE MOB swarmed in to terrorize the 'good' birds.
But one was there to fight back ...
More on that later.

-8 on the car temp display this morning on the way to school drop-off.
It will be a miracle if any of my container perennials survive so many below zero days
 in their metal tubs.
$900+ gas bill for only 30% fill on the propane gas tank. Gulp.
A lavish display of $1 primroses at the local market made me feel like cheering!
It was a punch-to-the-face of Winter.  
How do ducks keep their feet in ice water and not end up with stumps? 
Now that's something to research.
Clearance amaryllis bulbs about to bloom - "Apple Blossom". 
Paperwhites all finished and trimmed, but still growing their creepy roots.
There is a giant snowman in our backyard with an aluminum berry pail on his 
head. We are not too old to play in the snow!
Oh, Downton! 

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