In Contrast

It's still happening. 
Ice storms in March.
Where are the snowdrops?
Are the crocus still asleep under their snow blanket, or did they give up?
Every time I think we're on the downward slope into spring, we head back out 
into the winter wonderland.
The ice on these hydrangea heads did not drip down and form
ordinary icicles ... it skittered sideways instead.
If I had to pick one photo to represent our winter, this would be it. 

Just for a little contrast, a reality check of sorts,
this is what was happening on February 23rd, at the end of another winter.

Instead we have this -

No February squill this year -

But just glance outside to see last year's roses encased in ice - 

These are usually among the first to find their 
way to the sunshine in February or early March - 

Not this time - 

Will the hyacinth ever appear?

Or will we wear our snow boots forever?

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