I had hoped to put up a 'cuttings' photo once a week when the spring finally really came.
But the best laid plans and all that, you know - stuff!
Here's one to enjoy, even though none of these flowers are in bloom any longer.
Peonies (pie-knees not pee-on-knees) star in this show with Wine and Roses weigela and a few stems 
of the blue false indigo (baptisia) mixed with speedwell.
The combination is almost patriotic!
Oh the creamy dreaminess of a peony bloom!

Side Note:
My Bible reading this morning was in Mark, chapter 13. 
I think Mark might be my favorite gospel, although I hate to commit to picking one. See verse 33 through 37 for the big message which Jesus does not hesitate to repeat and emphasize:
(keep watch / stay alert)
I have to admit in the business of everyday summer life, I get spiritually sleepy. 
Isn't it odd that while extra BUSY I can be SLEEPY at the same time? 
Imagine a frantically animated sleepwalker and you might get pretty close.
The Mary/Martha Lesson is applicable here, I think, if I may mix Bible stories within such close quarters and not offend. Martha was busy, busy, busy doing, let's face it, necessary stuff, yet the Lord said Mary was the one who chose the "good portion". 
So I've knocked myself in the head over here. I've shaken myself back to a higher state of alertness, and I'm making more time to sit at the feet of the Lord.

Join me?

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