Ink Trails

As I thumbed through my old address book today, I realized 
I have new information to add.
 Two of my sons now have their own mailboxes, the perfect accessory for their new lives.

It's too bad that Millenials keep their personal information on digital devices, so easily edited and updated. 
The history inside the cover of an "old-school" address book is, to me, priceless. 
There's something magical about the decades-long ink trails of life scrawled 
across its lined and lettered pages—
the house numbers and street names ignite destination-tethered memories:

3905 Gilbert Avenue, where the train track was only a block away
2305 Memorial Parkway, where we honeymooned to the blast of the Friday-night football cannon
208 Eastern Avenue, where my brother started his family and first cousins learned to play.
285 Collins Road, where my grandparents' farm was the heaven-on-earth we longed to visit. 
514 Hallam Avenue, where I found friendship around a table of open Bibles.

I'm thankful to have these touchstones of smeared ink that remind me to remember; 
grateful the street names and house numbers weren't simply deleted and forgotten. 

The perfect housewarming gift for my sons might be ... address books. 


Disaster to Triumph

It's wedding week, friends!
It is utterly ridiculous that I'm sitting here writing. 
Absolutely ludicrous that I was out this morning with my camera.
But the sun was lighting up the blooms and I had to step outside.
Relaxation and weddings don't usually go hand-in-hand, do they? 

Especially when you're supposed to deliver flower arrangements 
for your son's rehearsal dinner that look like THIS 
and this is what you have in your garden.
And you know what? 
I'm so thankful!

Because of the failure of my own peonies and the 
extravagent generosity of a dear friend, 
the rehearsal dinner arrangements will feature these:

What appeared to be a disaster, resulted in a triumph. 
It's a theme straight from the Book. 
Consider Gideon's loss of an entire army, followed by a victory with only 300 men.
Sarah, barren and shamed for decades, gave birth to the forerunner of the Messiah.
Samson, brought to the lowly position of a blind slave, becomes Israel's avenger.

Do you have "disaster to triumph" life stories? 
I'd love to hear about that.


Seasons of Change

This is a month of events—graduations, weddings, and celebrations.
Thirty days of beginnings and endings in our family.

Scattered glitter from graduation party invitations is making my couch (and my face) shine.
A box of rehearsal dinner vases rides in my backseat and beats a glassy tune on every drive.


Some joyful hellos and a few tearful goodbyes are in store
I would quote Heraclitus, but I think the scriptures have it nailed:

"There is a season for everything, and a time for 
every delight and event ..." Ecc. 3:1

When we are fearful, let us remember that God and His goodness 
to us are unchanging; thus, we are ever secure in Him."
Read an excellent short devotional on change here

*Use only Ghirardelli pre-tempered melting chocolate to create bride
and groom strawberries. This is my solemn advice.