Settling into Garnet

The Japanese maples on our acre are always among the first to 
celebrate spring. Trunk and branches store and 
stoke their calling-card color all winter, and in the spring ... 

... it bursts from every stem tip—scarlet flags against a
new-blue, spring canopy.

Now the fanfare is over, and they've settled into a more sedate 
summer color, something along the lines of garnet

As many of you know, I signed a contract to publish a children's book with Familius Publishing. I'm thrilled to join this company and add "Debut Author" to my list of life titles. I'd like to give updates here on what the journey to publication has been like for me, and let you know what's coming up next. 

Here's a question I've answered before:
How did you make connections in the writing industry?
In fall, 2013, my youngest son finished eighth grade at the Simpson Home Academy and entered public high school. I cautiously tiptoed into the writing world, staying safely on the edges. My investigations led me to Word Weavers International. Through this organization and its generous leaders, I began to step out of the shadows, meet other writers, and learn about the #writinglife. 

I'd love to answer questions about what's involved in a publication journey, which is unique to every writer. Ask your question or share your own experience in the comments.

A few facts for now: 
* The working title of my book is "Family Dog." It's highly unlikely that the title will stay the same. 
* The book will be in the Spring 2021 Familius catalog but will be available a few months sooner than that. 
* I haven't met the illustrator or the editor of the book yet. 
* I paid for high-resolution photos (headshots) at Portrait Innovations. It was a painfully awkward experience, but the talented young photographer managed to get a few photos that I'm happy to have for a back-cover blurb. 

More details soon! 

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