On our recent Mental Health Day in Lebanon, OH, we moseyed through the shops, enjoying each other's company and browsing among old things. When short on cash, PhotoBuys hold me over. By taking a photo of the things I'd certainly buy if I had loads of $, I feel like I got it in some small way.

Oh, so cool jadite salt and pepper shakers. I really almost bought these. They almost match my kitchen cabinets exactly.
Probably should've bought them - yes...
A ceramic pie bird to 'sing' when the center of the pie is boiling. Oooh, I would love to have him in my kitchen, singing from a blueberry pie right now!
My Grandma had a sewing basket just like this one. I used to spend hours sitting with it, fingering the things inside. Would've loved to have had hers - guess someone else got it. Someday, though, I'm going to really buy one and fill it with my own stuff.
Who can resist cake tins? This one would be just right to carry a 4th of July
super-tall jam cake to a picnic.
We did gift ourselves this for our anniversary, though:


marie said...

I think you picked the best gift of all!
Love those S&P shakers too!

Bee said...

Your gift to yourself if beautiful. And I don't know how you resisted the Salt and Pepper shakers. I love that color! I love Jadite.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

My Amazon wishlist serves the same purpose as your photo-buys! I love the colour of the salt and pepper pots too, but the little love seat looks perfect under the tree in your garden. May it accompany you both through many more years of health and happiness!