Old Funnies

On the recent run-away, we made photo-buys of these three old, framed photos. All too funny!

This photo caught the eye of MWH - he cracked up when he saw these brave soldiers lying "like dancing girls" on their sides in the front row. I guess they would be kneeling in a typical group shot, right? But not these men! The clincher - the center two soldiers holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. Click the photo to get an up-close view of these long-dead soldiers and you might also say -
What is goin' on?
Is it a group joke? Some kind of punishment for this particular troop? Is this photo the second take after the first very serious shot? I wonder...

What an attitude in this sister! You don't usually get to see this level of 'tude in the old photos - she had to be able to hold onto this face for quite a few seconds to get the photo this clear! I'd title this one, "Fed Up!" I wonder, is she on her way home, or on her way out?

I've seen a few bad baby haircuts, but this is the all-time winner. Love how they dressed this poor child ... boy or girl? Notice the button-up shoes and the tiny gold ring. He/she looks cheerful, though, no matter the hairstyle.


krissy said...

hahaha! I love when you find these.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I agree - they're all brilliant. That is truly the worst haircut I have ever seen. But the soldiers - what fun! It must be a second shot after the first formal one. How lovely that they all had such a good sense of humour to take part in it!