Get a Fork!

I've got the fixin's for this cake in my kitchen right now.
Do you feel tiny shock waves of danger skipping up and down your spine - 'cause I do!

I usually make this cake for myself, and in breaking that tradition around here I've raised a few eyebrows. 
Because you know that I'm all about instilling traditions in this herd of men that crazily bump around here. 
BUT hands are rubbing together briskly, eager to join me in taking a bite of this Chocolate Wonder of the World. Sure hope it lives up to its photo!

Side Note:
A Dear Friend of mine, since high school (!), passed the Birthday Slogan  idea on to me. 
Just thoughtfully create a slogan for your upcoming year, based on your hopes, aspirations, dreams --- 
and whatever conveniently rhymes with the last digit of your age.
For example, my slogan for last year was:
"I will thrive at 45."
In trying to initiate conversation with my Middle Son, I brought up this whole slogan topic and asked him for any ideas he might have on my slogan for year 46.
He winced as if in pain and said, 
"Mom, you don't tell anyone about this, do you???"
Hmmmmm... the conversation pretty much ended there, as he wasn't willing to participate in anything as LAME as creating a Birthday Slogan.
Oh, well! I'm just fulfilling my appointed and anointed role in his life. 
And I've got just aheap more potentially embarrassing items to share with my teenagers - it's a pleasure to serve!

*** Feel free to share slogans for year 46 -
 I'll pass them on to the teens! ***


Anonymous said...

You are going to have a lot of friends stopping over to wish you a Happy B-day if you make that!

"Ain't got no ticks and I'm 46"?

Sweet Annabelle said...

Now THAT is funny!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Sorry to hear you 're only 46!

krissy said...

Chocolate fix at 46! Now THAT'S something to aspire to!! Do I get another apron if I win this one too? ;-)

kara h said...

if kris gets an apron our friendship is over.

Happy birthday!! Love you lots!! If you could please give some of that cake to me I'll love you more!!

the mama said...

Just for kicks - enjoy 46!