Dream (almost) Come True

If you've read for a while, or if you know me well, you know that I've 
always wanted to hand feed chickadees. 
Look here and here for some history.
I have no idea where this nature geek-ish desire came from - I just go with it. 
It finally happened!
Sort Of
This is a perfect example of :
Things Don't Turn Out The Way You Think They Will
I thought my experience would be like this amazing video.
But that's not how it went. 
You see this poor, confused bird got stuck in our greenhouse.
After beating himself senseless against the glass, 
My Husband scooped up the exhausted and stunned bird and brought him to me.
I love how he tries to help me accomplish my life-goals!
I ran for some seed, hoping he would eat from my hand, but he never even noticed it. 
He's squinting at me in this photo, trying to figure out what sort of tree I might be
while I try to convince him with baby talk that I'm actually his new BFF.
He flew away after he heard a buddy from a nearby tree chirp, 
"Hey, Stupid! You're in a human hand! 
You're in a HAND!"


krissy said...

hahaha! That was a good laugh. Thanks.

marie said...

Great photo - I love the look on the Chickadee's face! I also love your posts...I haven't been doing much blog hopping lately and I see that I've missed a bunch. You are such a good writer...love visiting you!!

the mama said...

So much fun! I'm thrilled you have the pictures because you now can choose to remember the event in a whole new way.