The Seed Habit

I didn't think I'd plant seeds this spring. It seems like this middle-of-life transition has 
left me eager to discard old traditions, shaking them out of my life like dust from a cleaning cloth. Things I've ALWAYS done are coming into question, and old patterns are under close examination. 
I had already decided to forgo planting seeds 
this year, and I've been determinedly avoiding eye contact with all seed packets.
'Don't look at them and they won't look at you,' have you ever spouted that bit of  parental wisdom?
And then one day at Lowe's all was lost when I noticed (again) ... 

... nasturtium have the most unusual ROUND leaves!
It's a little bit other-worldly, I think. And I'm not the only one.
(Nerd Fact - check the ending scene in Return of the King - Sam's gate garden)
I've NEVER been able to sprout these seeds, but I'm giving it another try.
On an outing last fall, I saw a healthy vine and exclaimed over the 
wonderful-ness of all things nasturtium,
while lamenting my failure to grow my own.
My companion pal eyed me askance.
"ANYone can grow those, Suz!"

What would spring be without growing MAMMOTH sunflowers again? Will it work this year?
Will the positioning of the seed change the speed of seed germination?
Point UP or point DOWN?

I'm planting seed saved from the single egg gourd that made it to maturity last year.
I ask you - - - what could be more fascinating than egg-shaped gourds?

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Jenny said...

Gardening is all about hope. It doesn't really matter if those seeds sprout or grow. It's about keeping on dreaming, about gardens, about life:)